The Importance of Software Localization in Saudi ArabiaMenaItech

Software localization is more than just a mere translation of a product. Many businesses around the world localize software so that their products are built on multiple country profiles to make them adaptable to the local rules and regulations of any country, enabling them to reach a much larger target audience!

What is Software Localization?

Software localization is the process of adapting software and web products according to the technical, linguistic and cultural requirements of a target market. Since this process is labor-intensive, it often requires a considerable amount of time from the development teams to ensure the products are able to effectively target a region or country.

What are the Benefits of Software Localization in Saudi Arabia?

Since software localization can handle multiple currencies, countries, companies and tax rules through built-in governmental forms, regional businesses can utilize the software to run various branch companies dispersed in a number of geographical locations where different tax rules and regulations are applied.

Another benefit of software localization in Saudi Arabia is that it allows businesses to process employee wages according to the GOSI law, which collects a certain percentage as contribution from employers and pays the benefits to insured individuals as well as their family members. Therefore, you will be able to avoid any compliance issues!

Local holidays in Saudi Arabia are determined by the sighting of the moon as the country follows the Hijri calendar. With software localization in Saudi Arabia, these holidays can be assigned easily and the payrolls managed accordingly. Moreover, since the entry fields will be different, employees will be able to enter dates according to the Saudi format.

Lastly, software localization will allow you to manage annual, maternity and sick leaves of your employees according to the Saudi law. Failure to comply with these laws could result in penalties for employers; however, this can be avoided once your web and software products are localized in accordance with the country’s laws.

As you can see, businesses can benefit greatly from software localization in Saudi Arabia as they can localize their software according to the taxes, payment methods as well as local regulations of the country. The key, however, is to localize your product in the development phase as it would give you the opportunity to properly test it.