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Wednesday 17 Feb 2016

Steps to Implement an HR System in Dubai

The implementation of a new HR System in Dubai may seem daunting and time-consuming at first. However, with careful planning and a focused team, the company can take advantage of the new system in every way possible. Implementing a system too quickly can be as problematic as it taking too long. Make sure you have the help of an expert to guide you through the process:

  • The first step in implementing a new HR system is to assign a project team. Assess and identify the skills and knowledge that would be required to make the project successful and then deploy a team that collectively covers all these bases. Ideally, your team should consist of a system administrator who will work alongside the sponsor and keep an eye on the implementation the whole time. In addition, you will also require a project manager who will lead the implementation, super users and trainers who will initiate training programs and will teach your employees how to adapt to the new system quickly and easily. Some companies feel the need to hire a dedicated communication specialist to ensure early employee engagement.
  • Once you have your project team ready, you have to define the business aspects of the implementation. Define business processes and make sure everything is in place before the start of the implementation.
  • The next step is defining your business requirements. Think about what you would like to achieve with your new system and the steps that would be required to achieve those objectives. Decide on the scope of the project to ensure you know which processes and outcomes are of top priority.
  • It is time you analyze the system to see which of the standard processes meet your requirements. This makes it easier for you to note any customizations that would be required. Assess your system and formulate a plan to customize it according to your organization’s needs. Once the process of customization is initiated, make sure you do not make the system too complex.
  • Once you have finished customizing your system, it is essential you gather data and enter it in your new system. Ensure the data you enter is of good quality and correct so you do not have to make any further alterations to your new HR System in Dubai in the future.
  • This is where training begins. Verify that the trainers are qualified and helpful so each and every employee is comfortable with the new system.

The last step is evaluating the HR System in Dubai you have implemented. Seek the advice of experts and super users. The system should be fine-tuned and perfected at this stage.