How to Choose a TA System in Dubai?MenaItech

Keeping track of employee time and attendance can be time-consuming, labor-intensive and expensive, if done manually. A time and attendance system presents a smarter and reliable solution as it streamlines and simplifies the process, while saving your business both time and money. However, to ensure you reap the benefits these systems offer, it’s imperative you choose one that suits your needs.

It doesn’t matter if you are automating your time and attendance for the first time, or simply replacing an old system that you have outgrown, you will find many vendors trumpeting their array of solutions on the market. Hence, it can be rather daunting to select a TA system in Dubai. To help you out, here are five core considerations you should keep in mind when evaluating time and attendance systems:

  1. Scheduling Capabilities

Superior time and attendance systems come with robust scheduling capabilities that can assist you with statuary pay, calculating work hours, and much more. However, to ensure you get the full benefit of these features, integrate the system with whichever payroll system you are currently using.

  1. Accessibility of Interface

Sure, a TA system in Dubai can be accessed from anywhere as it is cloud-based, but do you know how to make the most of your time and attendance system? You must consider the user-friendliness of the system and one of the best ways to do that is having an expert demonstrate routine tasks, such as transferring employees between departments or importing hours into payroll.

  1. Time Clocks

Although time theft has occurred for as long as paid work has existed, businesses can now effectively track employee time and prevent buddy punching by investing in time clocks. A cost-effective clock could suffice, but it’s better to have several options (like biometric clocks or RDIF clocks) at your disposal. These products communicate directly with your system and therefore eliminate the need for manual entry.

  1. Support

Even the most intuitive systems can cause confusion at times, especially when initially implemented. Hence, before you sign a contract with the vendor, make sure they provide client support that will lend you a helping hand whenever it’s needed. This will ensure you are happy with your investment in the long run!

  1. Employee Perks

Having the right TA system in Dubai can do wonders for your employees as well. For instance, with time clocks, they will feel confident they are being paid their due compensation, free from errors. However, the best time and attendance systems offer a lot more than just time and attendance tracking. Some also allow managers to text or email schedule updates directly to their employees, ensuring tasks are completed on time.