Prevent Time Theft With TA System in Saudi ArabiaMenaItech

What is time theft, you ask? Time theft is when employees are not working but are still getting paid for those hours. This lost productivity can cost companies billions each year. A large number of employees exaggerate the number of hours they have actually worked. Employees are not expected to work continuously for 8 hours, because everyone needs to take small breaks throughout the day, but it still doesn’t allow them to stay unproductive for long periods of time.

Time theft is committed in many ways, such as logging inaccurate hours on the time sheet, clocking in early but not starting work till late and by doing personal tasks at work. Some employees also clock in on behalf of colleagues.

Employees are not necessarily trying to be malicious, but time theft mostly occurs because the system isn’t easy to use or intuitive enough. So, here are a few ways you can use a TA System in Saudi Arabia to minimize time theft.

Eliminate Manual Processes

You are living in an era where everything is supremely tech savvy, which means you need to invest in a TA System in Saudi Arabia and rid yourself of all manual processes. Stop relying on time sheets or Excel to keep track of your employee’s attendance because they are inefficient and can be easily manipulated. Automate time attendance so you can easily keep track of all employees, even if your workforce is geographically dispersed.

Prevent “Buddy Punching”

Many companies that operate in a non-office setting, such as retail, construction or manufacturing, set up time clocks which require employees to clock in and out for their shifts. However, these times clocks don’t adjust to the evolving wage or hour regulations, and anyone can punch in for anyone. A time management system, on the other hand, can easily track time and has a photo-audit capability that prevents buddy-punching.

Provide Real-Time Visibility

The old school way of time attendance results in inefficient scheduling.This leaves some people working fewer hours than others. For thisreason, several companies are paying the cost of underutilized employees. With the help of technology, managers can easily view employee schedules on a single screen, where they can balance hours and approve/disapprove requests for time off. By balancing schedules, companies can easily eliminate the need to pay overtime.

Keep Track Of Past Records

A TA System in Saudi Arabia allows you to access archived data, which can be used to forecast future requirements. It will also allow them to determineif too much or too little time is being spent on a particular project. From there, managers can take the necessary steps if an employee is being too unproductive or if a team is being inefficient with their time.