Why Your Business Needs a TA System in UAEMenaItech

Tracking employee time and attendance is an integral part of any business, regardless of its size and industry. After all, accurate time and attendance data helps ensure payroll is processed correctly and quickly, labor regulations are complied with at all times, and company time-off and attendance policies are enforced.

However, if you are tracking time and attendance manually, you probably are aware of how inefficient and inaccurate it can be. With a TA system in UAE, however, your business can improve operations and save money, while eliminating the hassles of a manual process. Here are a few other reasons why your business needs a time & attendance system:

Saves Money

Implementing a time and attendance system puts an end to overpayment, inaccurate time reporting, time abuse, buddy punching, tardiness, and absenteeism, saving your business money on the associated costs. Moreover, it also helps reduce your labor costs as manually collecting, calculating and processing can take a lot of time. A time and attendance system automates these processes to increase efficiency and save money.

Reduces Errors

When processes are being handled manually, there is always the risk of human error.  Even if you have to manually enter or transfer items from one system to another, the risk of error still exists. By linking a time and attendance system to your payroll process, you can eliminate the probability of errors as well as ensure greater accuracy in labor tracking and employee compensation.

Improves Employee Morale

Besides costing you a lot of unnecessary money, errors in payroll also can affect the trust and loyalty of any employee. If your employees do not receive their just compensation for the hours they have worked, they feel less valued. However, with a TA system in UAE, employees don’t have to worry about payroll errors that may affect their compensation.

Easier Scheduling and Compliance

A time and attendance system makes scheduling painless and easy for managers, as it manages multiple shift patterns and overlaps, calculates and flags overtime, and monitors absence. The system can also be configured to make it easier for you to ensure your business is in compliance with all local and federal regulations regarding minor hours worked, rest days, and overtime, etc.

Automated Documentation

Facing problems with an employee’s attendance? A TA system in UAE comes with tracking capabilities, making it easier for you to obtain relevant documents for reprimands. The system conveniently tracks number of hours worked on a daily basis and automatically compiles reports that illustrate patterns of absenteeism and tardiness. This documentation can prove useful in coaching employees who are habitually late and in supporting the firing of unproductive or problematic employees.