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Friday 17 Jun 2016

How to Improve Talent Management Portal in Egypt

If you want your business to run successfully, then your company’s executives and HR management cannot just focus on basic talent management, but need to go beyond their daily tasks or hiring, acquiring and retaining talented employees. As a business, you need to work hard and help your employees become better at what they do. Talent management needs to become consistent with leadership, company strategy and key competencies, including experience, innovation skills, technical skills and problem solving skills for continued growth.

When the HR management and executives of successful companies implement their best talent management processes, they tend to become better and stronger than other companies within the industry. Here’s how companies can improve talent management portal in Egypt:

Encourage Flexibility

To improve the productivity of your employees, you need to start by promoting flexibility. For that you must become more adaptable to the needs and wants of your employees. For instance, you can allow for flexible working hours, changing policies in favour of the employees and finding innovative technology that allows them to become more autonomous. These small gestures will create loyalty and trust among your workforce.

Support Talent Mobility

To increase the growth of your business, you need to give your employees a chance to prove themselves. For that you must give them opportunities to learn and experience other functions of your company. This way they will familiarize themselves with different departments of the company and soon enough you will see them flourish in one area more than others. Employee fit is important for the success of the company and also for the employee. This will further enhance loyalty and as a company you will be able to retain the best talent, while improving talent management portal in Egypt.

Invest in Collaboration Tools

To create autonomy in your workforce, it’s best to keep all processes as transparent as possible. Keep everyone on the same page instead of isolating tasks and people. Creating synergy is very important, especially if you wish to expedite tasks as much as possible. Encourage communication between team members so they stay connected. Teamwork fosters better ideas and creates mutual inspiration for all. The use of collaboration tools can help you achieve cross-generational understanding bonds.

Recognize Employee Efforts

When you recognize employee efforts they will feel appreciated, which is simple motivation to work harder. It will give you a chance to steer employees in a new direction. Help them by not only recognizing their efforts, but also by providing constructive feedback so they know where to improve and what to replicate. The feedback you provide should be based on specific facts instead of generic observations. The more accurately you share and recognize contributions, the happier your employees will be.

Cultivate Community

To improve collaboration between employees, introduce fun activities, such as field trips, picnics, charity events and other types of get-togethers so employees can start feeling more at “home”.

Improve talent management portal in Egypt by being open to new ideas. With lack of flexibility, you can lose potentially everything: accomplishments, development, loyalty and better prospects.