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Tuesday 26 Jun 2018

The Benefits of Mobile HR Management Software

Investing in HR technology is an essential step in modernizing the human resources department of your organization. Making that technology work in real time on employee’s mobile devices will not only boost engagement, but it will also increase retention, productivity, and ROI.


There are many benefits to mobilizing enterprise through integrated HR applications (apps). At MenaITech, we’ve compiled a list of the top benefits associated with integrating mobile apps for your human resource systems.

Mobile Apps Increase Workflow Efficiency


When it comes to workflow productivity, a mobile HR solution not only improves efficiency and reliability by integrating push notifications, but they also push reminders to streamline scheduling and timesheet management.

HR mobile solutions empower managers with tools to integrate time sheet reviews. They also allow the managers to approve in real time from any location (i.e. the meeting or conference room). Mobile apps streamline the time associated with scheduling and other administrative tasks, reducing them to a few simple taps from your phone or tablet.


Supports Efficient Data Flow


With a mobile app incorporated into your human resource systems, employees and managers will have instant access to critical data – any time, anywhere. Additionally, integrated apps allow your staff to input data from any location as well.

When employees can manage data on the go, they can accurately accomplish their daily tasks. Even when they are on the road. For example, HR managers can schedule interviews or approve/deny requests during their commute into the office.

The ability to manage data and access systems from any location is an invaluable asset to HR. It empowers employees to be efficient regardless of where their duties take them throughout the day, a good example is an enterprise quality management software from CMX1 that adds up to building lasting trust with your customers.


Increase ROI of Backend Systems


Mobilizing HR processes through integrated apps increases the efficiency of your existing backend systems. Additionally, mobile integration also delivers a higher ROI. When integrated with a mobile app, internal systems can function with a greater adoption rate among employees.

Essentially, if your employee can use your system from any location, they will be more likely to use it. This ease of use and functionality will increase the adoption rate of your pre-built systems without physically needing to access your workstations.


Track and Promote Policy Acceptances


We’ve all been there. Updating company policy and obtaining employee acceptance records can be a time-consuming headache for HR. When a documented acceptance is required from each employee, ensuring they have not only read but that they also comprehend the changes can take weeks (or even months).

Going mobile permits HR managers to push policy notifications to all employees mobile devices with the simple tap of a few buttons. Once the notification is sent, you can also monitor the results and progress of acceptance. Integrating push-notification and SMS messaging into your system allows HR employees to complete a policy acceptance from any location.


MenaSMS® Notification System


MenaSMS® offers companies a convenient and efficient notification system, which sends essential information to employees and managers via their mobile devices. Our innovative mobile platform allows your employees to gain instant access to essential information and workflow processes regardless of their location.

Mobilizing your enterprise software can propel a new wave of functionality and upgrade workflows in many different ways. With MenaSMS®, you can address a wide range of organisational services, to include:


  • Salary releases
  • Leave requests
  • Vacation balances
  • Voting results
  • Policy acceptance
  • Document expiry notifications
  • Scheduling
  • Reminders
  • Employee evaluation results
  • And much more…


If you’re interested in empowering your employees and HR managers with the tools they need to thrive while they’re on the go, we’d love to help. Contact a member of our team to learn more.


We look forward to working with you.