The Future of Human ResourcesMenaItech

Human resources, talent management, and human capital are all common terms for the department that watches over your organization’s greatest treasure – your people. An exceptional human resources department is a key component to the success of any company. Your HR managers are the individuals responsible for sifting through job applicants, onboarding the most qualified applicants, and retaining the talent once they’ve been hired.

While there is no crystal ball to predict the future of HR, now more than ever, culture is as essential to an HR department as compliance. At Menaitech, we predict technology and shifts in attitudes about what makes a career attractive and how it will have the greatest impact on the future of human resources.

Purpose and Focused Feedback

Cultural alignment matters to potential employees. As we move into the future of HR, we need to keep in mind the importance of culture. Employees want to feel like their work matters. When it comes down to it, many will pick work that’s fun and fulfilling over working for a paycheck or grinding away for a potential promotion. Subsequently, the focus of HR is moving from the trend of frequent feedback to the right feedback at the right time.

For years, the HR world has centered on the need for more frequent feedback. While necessary, this approach is not sufficient by itself. The real key to creating an excellent employee experience is collecting and delivering the right feedback at the right time. If companies can build ongoing programs to collect and distribute feedback focusing on critical milestones during an employee’s journey, employers will have the data they need to impact real change.


Cloud-Based Technology Will Drive HR Delivery and Employee Mobility

Smart, innovative, and evolving technology is at the forefront of any successful industry, and HR is no exception. Your employees no longer want to be bogged down by the constraints of the traditional workday. As access to Cloud capabilities increases, employees expect access to their information from any location. Whether they are accessing their employee handbook, benefits information, or other HR communication – accessibility is of the utmost importance.  

In line with this trend is the increasing number of employees who want the opportunity to work remotely and have flexible schedules. Cloud-based technology, such as MenaLite, allows employees to increase productivity regardless of their location. Additionally, it provides a great work/life balance, as employees can work when and where they choose (as applicable).

As technology solutions continue to evolve it will also allow HR professionals to automate more non-value-add functions as well, including payroll, onboarding, training and development, and employee management.

With cloud-based HR platforms, such as MenaLite, HR managers and employees can:
  • Create instant access to a fully comprehensive employee personal file
  • Instantly access financial data, financial transactions, and salaries transactions, regardless of physical location
  • Instantly access employee leave and vacation management, regardless of physical location
  • Provide instant, remote access to employee compensation and benefits packages
  • Manage and access health insurance  
  • Manage and maintain payroll processing and time attendance integration
  • Access and manage talent management, recruitment, and appraisal management
  • And much more!


The Importance of Social Media and Big Data

As we move into the future, social network analysis and HR analytics will supersede the traditional success management process. In the past, it’s been too slow and too late. However, with the recent changes in technology, employers can use their data to help find and attract the best applicants from the talent pool. Leveraging Big Data, companies can create a data-driven strategy to identify the next generation of leaders and successful employees.

Given the climate and reach of the global market, competition for the best talent is more intense than ever. To place the right people in the right positions, employers no longer prescribe to a passive recruiting strategy. Social media channels not only expand your organisational reach, but they also provide a platform to build a buzz around your employer brand and workplace culture. Social recruiting also empowers current employees to share why they love to work for their company, further building internal morale.


MenaITech HR Software and Solutions

As you propel your company into the future, it’s important to step back and make time for regular assessments of your HR strategy. The markets in which we compete for talent and conduct business are changing at rapid rates. It’s more critical than ever to ask ourselves, “Does this still make sense? Does this fit the culture we’re striving for?” The path ahead is simple – leverage technologies and smart solutions to determine the most straightforward path to positive outcomes.


If you’d like to learn more about how technology and smart solutions can propel your organisation into the future, contact a member of our team today.