Tips to Improve Your Employee ExperienceMenaItech

Given the nature of today’s global market, companies are competing to attract and retain top talent. Employees want to work in an environment where they are happy, valued, and engaged. Great employee experience is the combination of all the interactions team members have with your organisation. 

Not only are happy employees more engaged and more productive, but they also benefit a company’s bottom line. In fact, companies with engaged employees pull in 2.5 times more revenue compared to competitors with low engagement levels.

We’ve put together a few tips on how you can improve your employee experience.



Unfortunately, not all organisations place as much energy into communicating internally as they do externally. However, your employees are key stakeholders in your company. As such, they are an important audience within your company. Communication is the key to any successful relationship. The most successful employers value their employees’ feedback.

Consider communicating beyond the traditional email chains within your company, especially when you are seeking feedback. Hold virtual meetings, as well as live meetings, encouraging your executive teams to talk and engage with their employees. Say thank you in person, and say it in an email. Invest in employee engagement surveys, which are crucial to understanding how your employees view your company.  

Above all else, keep the lines of communication open. When your employees feel their options matter, they will be more likely to share them with you.


Provide the Right Incentives

Incentives and perks, such as free coffee in the breakroom are great, but your employees’ needs are continually changing. By offering incentives they desire, you’ll not only create an enhanced employee experience, but you could also save money on underutilised benefits.

According to a study by LinkedIn, employees care more about time off, healthcare coverage, and job flexibility than other perks. Consider enhancing your health and wellness benefits. Offer more time off to employees around the holidays. Additionally, innovative technologies make remote work options more affordable and accessible than ever before. 

Most importantly, don’t just assume you know what perks your employees want. Ask them. This way you aren’t wasting resources on incentives that are not enhancing employee experience.


Training and Development

A recent Qualtrics employee engagement study of 6,000 workers found management serves an essential role in employee engagement and retention. The top recognized factors for employee engagement included managers who:

  • help manage their employees’ workload
  • consistently recognize their workers for doing excellent work
  • help their teams solve work-related issues 

Your employees want to feel valued and appreciated. When you invest in training and development programs, you are telling your employees you value their contributions and recognize their role/potential within the company.


Celebrate Your Employees

It’s very important to make time to celebrate individual employees and team achievements. Celebrate your employees for who they are and what they accomplish inside and outside of work. Celebrate birthdays, career milestones, anniversaries, promotions, and important life milestones (such as having a baby or purchasing a home). This can range from recognising an employee during a morning meeting, a birthday cake during breaks, or rewarding achievements that are developing your connected company cultures. Regardless of the size of your gesture, it will be greatly appreciated.


Encourage a Healthy Work/Life Balance

Studies have shown, work/life balance is a key component for employee satisfaction. Employees who maintain a healthy work/life balance experience less stress, are more productive and motivated at work, and they feel more in control of their lives. 

Consider offering extra time off after a large project or half-days on weekend during the summer months to allow employees to unwind and recharge. Allow your team to attend training sessions and professional development conferences. Not only will this help them get out of the office, but they will also be engaging in activities that benefit their company.

Your employees are your greatest asset. You want your employees to have a great experience so they will thrive within your organisation. Create an experience that includes open communication, learning, celebrations of work-related and non-work-related milestones, promotes a healthy work/life balance, and offers opportunities for growth and development. By following these simple tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating an enhanced employee experience.