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Below is a list of our vacancies.

Smart Phone Developer (#:25)


Working Conditions:


  • Familiarity with technologies for developing applications for smart phones (Android, iOS) and Familiarity with the Google Android SDK, OOP, Android SDK, REST API’s integration.
  • Building Android apps using Java and other frameworks.
  • Develop customized Android applications, design and implement different kinds of solutions.
  • Scale Android UI across multiple devices.
  • Developing and deploying Java based production quality software for mobile devices, desktop and/or web.
  • Developed Multi-Threaded apps
  • Programs with Eclipse using Java
  • Build prototypes at tech scoping stage of projects
  • Working with the front end developers to build the interface with focus on usability features
  • Standardizing the platform and in some cases apps to deliver across multiple brands with minimal duplication of effort
  • Optimizing performance for the apps
  • Test, debug and document software
  • Design for multiple screen resolutions/densities and implementing adaptive UI’s
  • Develop platform specific applications
  • Responsible for researching, evaluating and recommending new emerged technologies.