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Technical Write and Social Media Analyst (#:38)


Working Conditions:


  • The technical writer is an entry-level writing position and reports to the manager of technical publications or a senior technical writer. The incumbent in this position has direct reports to Quality manager.
  • The technical publications group produces formal publications; logistics support documentation, and other data requirements in support, contracts and business development departments.
  • The incumbent, based on direction from the technical publications manager or senior technical writer, organizes and prepares specified publications. This requires compilation and analysis of source material.
  • The technical writer coordinates the editing, composition, production, and delivery in accordance with applicable specifications, standards, and other requirements. In addition, the technical writer coordinates ancillary services and interdepartmental activities required for publication, preparation, and delivery. This individual is responsible for maintaining cost and schedule status information for each assigned project.
  • The incumbent often serves as a focal point for problems and inquiries related to assigned projects.
  • The incumbent coordinates the quality-control activities required to ensure the accuracy and adequacy of each publication, including in-process and final reviews, editing for compliance with all applicable specifications and standards, validation, and change verification. This individual produces publications using computerized composition and text-management systems.