During the company’s annual Iftar, MenaITech Reaffirms the Importance of Human Resource System for Growing BusinessesMenaItech

MenaITech Reaffirms the Importance of Human Resource System for Growing Businesses
MenaITech reaffirmed the importance of human resources solutions and software when it comes to the growth of businesses, especially considering technological developments happening at all levels, during the company’s annual Iftar.

The company’s CEO, Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh, said during the company’s annual Ramadan Iftar, “The company’s celebration of its achievements over the past years is a result of the collective work by MenaITech team, which has been racking up success after success. MenaITech has raised the number of users for its systems and solutions to 1.5 million employees and has a customer base across more than 16 countries.

Hawamdeh also stressed the importance of the institutionalized operations that the company implements as a basis for its success in the Jordanian market and across the Arab world. He thanked all the company’s employees at all administrative and technical levels.

The Iftar, which was attended by more than 100 employees, included a theatrical performance as well as a prize draw for employees.

Established in 2003, MenaITech has reinforced its leading position in the human resource systems field with the aim of providing solutions that increase the return on human capital investment for all its clients through accurate information, improved access to data, and reduced costs of system implementation.