MenaITech reinforces the importance of supporting the health sector, and sponsors the medical forum Autism DiseaseMenaItech

Amman – Committed to supporting the education and health industries, and assuring its social responsibility in raising awareness about unfamiliar diseases and means of fighting them to reach a cure, MenaITech – specialized in Human Resource and Organization Management systems- has sponsored the 7th medical student forum in Jordan under the title “Autism Disease”, in March, 2015.

MenaITech was the silver sponsor of this forum that was organized by The Hashemite University under the support of the Dean of the medical school, Dr. Nidal Younis and Dr. Samir Naji. The event aimed to introduce the causes of autism and how to deal with children who are autistic. It included interactive sessions organized by the students, and highlighted the importance of immersing those children in the local community.

Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh, CEO of MenaITech said that this sponsorship comes from the company’s responsibility towards its society, and because it cares about helping the health sector raise awareness about such uncommon diseases like autism, as it is a vital sector and a foundation for long economic and social growth, noting that large and growing percentage of the company’s social responsibility is directed towards education, health, sports, entrepreneurship and other fields influencing the life of the Jordanian community.

It is noted that the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA) is an independent non-governmental, and non-political union that includes medical student associations from around the world. It was founded in 1951 and was recognized by the United Nations as a non-government organization. The federation is currently active in 103 countries maintaining 108 member organizations with over 1.2 million students globally.