MenaExplorer® – A Bird’s Eye View of Your Human Capital

MenaExplorer® is a powerful multi-dimensional analytics and metrics dashboard that gives you a bird’s eye view of your organization’s effectiveness and performance across a wide spectrum of indicators. Our dashboard gives you accurate and real-time data at your fingertips to help you make the best decisions for your business.

MenaExplorer®, with its powerful human capital analytics module and HR metrics capabilities, provides graphical reports and key metrics for your entire human capital through a user-friendly dashboard. You can easily analyze trends and make strategic decisions that impact the efficiency and profitability of your organization.

MenaExplorer Functionalities

Human Capital Analytics Module

  • Pivot & graphical reports
  • Multidimensional reports
  • Total Departments’ headcount
  • Total Departments’ cost
  • Employees count
  • Salaries distributions & analysis
  • Demographic distributions
  • Top N analysis
  • Transactions distributions & analysis
  • Age analysis
  • Length of service analysis

HR Metrics Module 

  • Absenteeism Metrics
  • Human Capital ROI Metrics
  • Turnover (Voluntary & involuntary) Metrics
  • Retention Metric
  • Compa-Ratios
  • Workforce demographics Metrics
  • Manpower planning Metrics
  • Time to fill the jobs metrics
  • Hiring costs metrics
  • Training & Development Investment Factor
  • Career path ratios
  • Performance evaluation metrics
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Products & Services

— MenaITech products include the human resources information management system MenaHR®, the payroll & personnel solution MenaPay®, the employee & manager self service solution MenaME®, the smart phone application that enables employees and managers to be more interactive with their HR-related information online MenaME-mobile®, in addition to the employee 360 degree feedback software Mena360®, the comprehensive HR consolidation and analysis module MenaExplorer®, the time attendance management system MenaTA®, in addition to the revolutionary cell phone notification service MenaSMS®.

Moreover, MenaITech has recently introduced MenaOSS® through which clients can outsource full payroll and HR cycles. You can now rely on Menaitech to provide you with a secure web-based application that you can access anywhere, anytime.