Successful Entrepreneurs Have Employees who Disagree with Them

There is a general misconception in the business world that in order to be successful, entrepreneurs must be influential leaders whose employees immediately fall in line with their every command. Consider the number of famous entrepreneurs who have earned a reputation for themselves as successful leaders despite being “abrasive” and “difficult.” It’s not hard to imagine why these leaders would prefer, and more often than not, require obedient and loyal employees.

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Tips for Creating the Optimal Work Experience for Your Employees

When Freud was asked to define happiness, he provided a simple answer: “Work and love.” Ideally, everyone wants to be happy at work, not only because we spend a notable portion of our lives working, but also because work provides a source of purpose in our lives.

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Empower Your Employees to Make Sound Decisions

Today, collaboration tools, social media, and other communication programs exist to facilitate organisational needs in real-time. Traditional top-down management can hold businesses back. In fact, management and other bureaucratic processes can hinder decision-making, processes slow innovation, and stifle talent.

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Experience or Education: Which is More Important for Employees?

Whether you are entering the workforce for the first time, switching careers or you are an employer looking to hire new team members, the age old debate continues – is experience more important than a degree, or vice versa?

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How Software Can Improve Your HR Management in Qatar?

There are many concerns lately about the use of HR software and whether they would be beneficial, or yet another waste of money for your business. However, the fact of the matter is that with the right software, you can significantly improve your HR management in Qatar, saving you time, money and manpower!

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HR Management in Jordan is Beneficial for Healthcare Systems

Healthcare is all about taking care of people’s health, not just of the patients but also of the professionals who are running the facility. As with any organization, facility or institution, employee management is of utmost importance to ensure all operations are running smoothly. In the healthcare model, it can be exceptionally difficult to manage employees, especially without the help of HR management software.

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Centralized vs. Decentralized HR management in Dubai

For enterprises with myriad, geographically distributed locations, choosing whether or not to centralize HR management in Dubai is a decision with broad strategic and operational implications. A centralized HR management in Dubai enables a company to streamline its departmental functions across an intricate system. It also makes sure that all information is managed in a unified way and that HR policies are applied consistently all across the enterprise.

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Top Benefits of HR Management in UAE

There have been massive changes regarding the maneuvers espoused in managing people in the last few decades. There were strict limitations in everything, it seemed; Limited opportunities, limited growth, limited economy, and limited functionality in companies still relying on manual work.  However, the mindsets have altered along with the changing times, and huge enterprises came to grips with the fact that investing in human resources reaped long term benefits.

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HR Management in Saudi Arabia Tips for Businesses

The fundamental aspect of any successful business operating in Saudi Arabia is to have a good team of workers. Not only do these workers ensure smooth business operation in all departments, but they also pave the way for better recruitment. However, running a company with a large number of employees can be taxing, especially for the human resources management (HRM) department. To alleviate the strain, this article provides tips and ideas on how to build a strong and productive team. Find out how to ensure your company does better than its competitors with regards to HR Management in Saudi Arabia:

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The Role of HR Management in Dubai

Any successful organization would not be able to progress without good human resource. HR professionals have the important job of organizing employees so they perform their jobs efficiently. If you are a small business owner, you must probably think HR management only applies to large organizations. However, effective HR management can provide strategies for managing employees, no matter how small the business may be. Here are some key roles an HR Management in Dubai plays in an organization:

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Skills Required for HR Management in UAE

Human resource management has become one of the core features of modern organizations. Apart from just hiring and firing, HR professionals are expected to tend to the daily concerns of employees. HR professions play an important and visible role in working life of employees. For those who are part of the field, it can be helpful to take notice of some practical skills that might help improve job performance. Listed below are essential skills for HR Management in UAE that are worth the attention of every HR professional:

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Should You Outsource HR Management in Saudi Arabia?

If you are a small to medium business, outsourcing some or all of your HR function can help you gain many benefits. As companies are always on the lookout for ways to cut costs and improve productivity and efficiency, human resource outsourcing proves an effective solution.

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MenaITech reinforces the importance of supporting the health sector, and sponsors the medical forum Autism Disease

Amman – Committed to supporting the education and health industries, and assuring its social responsibility in raising awareness about unfamiliar diseases and means of fighting them to reach a cure, MenaITech – specialized in Human Resource and Organization Management systems- has sponsored the 7th medical student forum in Jordan under the title “Autism Disease”, in March, 2015.

MenaITech was the silver sponsor of this forum that was organized by The Hashemite University under the support of the Dean of the medical school, Dr. Nidal Younis and Dr. Samir Naji. The event aimed to introduce the causes of autism and how to deal with children who are autistic. It included interactive sessions organized by the students, and highlighted the importance of immersing those children in the local community.

Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh, CEO of MenaITech said that this sponsorship comes from the company’s responsibility towards its society, and because it cares about helping the health sector raise awareness about such uncommon diseases like autism, as it is a vital sector and a foundation for long economic and social growth, noting that large and growing percentage of the company’s social responsibility is directed towards education, health, sports, entrepreneurship and other fields influencing the life of the Jordanian community.

It is noted that the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA) is an independent non-governmental, and non-political union that includes medical student associations from around the world. It was founded in 1951 and was recognized by the United Nations as a non-government organization. The federation is currently active in 103 countries maintaining 108 member organizations with over 1.2 million students globally.