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  • happiness day and mothers day back-to-back at menaitech The Best Combination: Happiness Day and Mother’s Day, Back-to-Back 3.2021 - The past few days at MenaITech have been bustling with happiness and warmth as two special occasions were celebrated, putting a smile on everyone’s face. On March 18th, it seemed like a typical Thursday afternoon here at MenaITech; employees hard at work, waiting for the weekend. So when the unexpected yet delightful surprise of “Happy […]
  • menaitech proudly accepts the structural quality certificate MenaITech Proudly Accepts the Structural Quality Certificate from the Royal Scientific Society 2.2021 - On February 25th, 2021, MenaITech proudly accepted the esteemed Structural Quality Certificate which was awarded to them by the Royal Scientific Society after a comprehensive assessment carried out by the National Software Quality Assurance Centre (NSQAC). The NSQAC used CAST AIP software to evaluate MenaPAY®, MenaITech’s all-inclusive personnel and payroll management system, and assessed the […]
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Ms. Cleopetra Abu Thalam

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Mr. Zuhri Abu-Awwad

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Dr. Emad Hudaib